Data Recovery and Data Transfer

An increasing part of our work concerns the security of our customer’s data. After all, whether in business or at home, the data on a PC is often worth more than the PC itself and may well be irreplaceable. Our Data Services can be classified under three main headings:

Onsite data security

This involves the setting up and management of disk security and data backup. Disk security (i.e. protection agains the failure of a hard disk) involves ‘mirroring’ hard disks so that the same data is written to two hard drives simultaneously. This is particularly relevant to server systems where a hard drive failure could bring down a network of client PCs. Data backup on the other hand, involves the scheduled copying of key data from one hard disk to another on a daily or weekly basis. This is more appropriate for home PCs or small businesses without servers.

Offsite data security

This involves moving or transmitting data to different location. In some cases this might simply involve taking an external hard drive off site (usually ‘rotating’ a pair of drives between (say) office and home every week). Alternatively, OCS provides a service to transmit critical customer data overnight to secure offsite locations over a broadband Internet connection.


Data Transfer

When PCs are replaced, there is often a need to transfer the data from the old PC to the new one. This can be tricky, particularly when security measures – such as those protecting the ‘My Documents’ folder on every Windows PC get in the way. We at OCS have the technology to transfer data quickly and securely between the old and new PC.


Data Recovery

If the worst should happen and a disk fails and no recent copy of the data on that disk is available, OCS can also provide data recovery services. While the amount of data which can be recovered will depend on how bad the disk failure is, we have often been able to recover virtually 100% of customer data from failed disks. We can also recover data from damaged datasticks.

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