SME Testimonial – 4thD Landscape Services

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A Flexible Solution for a Dynamic Business

The Client

4thD Landscape Services Ltd is a thriving, Oxford based business covering all aspects of garden creation including design, hard and soft landscaping and complete year-round maintenance, for both residential and corporate customers. Experienced landscaping teams work across the South East of England and adopt a personal, tailor-made approach to each project whether it’s a small city garden, a multi-site contract or a country estate.

The Problem

The geographical spread of the business means that 4thD Landscape Services personnel operate away from the office for much of the time. Having remote access to email and documentation is critical to operations. In order to meet their initial requirements for email and file-sharing, the management team were correctly advised to purchase a Microsoft Small Business Server. This was installed as a favour by a friend of the business but became unreliable over time and caused an increasing number of problems on a daily basis. The situation became untenable and managers were left with the choice of replacing their five year old hardware, or seeking professional advice to improve the system without having to scrap all of their existing equipment.

The Solution

On the basis of personal recommendation, Oxford Computer Services (OCS) were appointed to assess the feasibility of retaining and improving the performance of the malfunctioning server and existing office PCs. Upon further investigation it became apparent that the existing server was technically capable of doing the job and much more, however outdated software and issues relating to the original set up were inhibiting its ability to function correctly. To minimise disruption the improvements were scheduled for completion over a weekend and all data was archived before work began. The existing server was cleaned of any old and unwanted software and data. OCS then re-installed the Microsoft Small Business Server software and in doing so were able to re-configure the entire network to function more securely. All existing PC software was re-installed as part of the service and the business was back up and running with very little impact. In addition OCS recommended the implementation of the Small Business Server’s built in ‘Remote Web Workplace’, which greatly improved the simplicity and reliability of remote access.

The Feedback

‘We’re still learning the full capabilities of our Small Business Server, but it’s given us the confidence to start exploring all sorts of possibilities to make our operations more efficient. I’d now like OCS to help us explore PDA based communications with centralised diary management that can viewed by our landscaping teams out in the field.’ Douglas Reeve, MD, 4thD Landscape Services Ltd.

‘The flexibility of the Microsoft Small Business Server makes it ideally suited to the dynamic requirements of 4thD Landscape Services. The ability to be able to access email, files and applications remotely, securely and reliably was pivotal but their existing server is now capable of delivering much more.’ Howard Aiken, Director, Oxfordshire Computer Service.

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