SME Testimonial – Selby Lowndes Family Law

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New Firm – New Infrastructure

Selby Lowndes Family Law

Selby Lowndes, based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire are a modern niche law firm specialising exclusively in family and divorce law. Their lawyers are highly rated in the legal world and with combined experience of over 60 years in matrimonial work, they are leaders in the field. Providing a high level of expertise, Selby Lowndes aims to provide a friendly and supportive service tailored to the needs of individual clients and their families. This includes meeting and working with clients at their homes or offices, or at locations in Oxford, London and Gerrards Cross.

The Problem

The lawyers at Selby Lowndes had for many years worked with the industrial-strength IT infrastructure typical of large legal firms. Setting up their new offices in 2011, they wanted to provide a similar quality of infrastructure but at a much lower cost. They needed a system which would support their need for mobility and remote working while providing a high level of security and requiring minimal training. Having no plans to set up an IT department, they also needed an IT partner who could provide responsive support when they needed it.

The Solution

Following a recommendation from a mutual business contact, Selby Lowndes contacted Oxfordshire Computer Service (OCS) in August 2011 to discuss their IT needs. As a specialist legal firm, they needed some specific applications relevant to the profession, but these were already provided from the World Wide Web. The balance of their needs – mobility and remote working, document creation and management, fax services, email and security were all deliverable as part of the Microsoft Small Business Server and Microsoft Office products. The system (server, network and clients) was installed in early September 2011 and was in productive use immediately.

The Feedback

“Our objective as a firm is to provide an excellent quality of service regardless of location. The Small Business Server has enabled us to meet that objective while minimising the time we as legal professionals spend on managing the system. In addition to laptops, we use Blackberry and iPhone handsets for mobile email. Over time we expect to replace and upgrade these to expand the services available to us when we are out of the office.” William Selby-Lowndes, Selby Lowndes Family Law.

“Microsoft’s Small Business Server is an excellent fit for a small, professional organisation such as Selby Lowndes Family Law. It provides all the basic services such as email, document sharing, printer sharing, fax services, mobile working and data security from one box. It will also scale up to grow with the needs of the firm which helps maximise the customer’s return on investment”. Howard Aiken, Oxfordshire Computer Service.

Selby Lowndes Family Law,