SME Testimonial – Trotman Taxation Services

Empowering the Team – Organising for Growth

The Client

Established in 2002 Trotman Taxation Services (TTS) specialises in providing a range of tax-related consultancy and financial planning services to expatriate executives subject to US and/or UK tax law. With their growing team of experienced advisers, TTS are committed to providing high quality services in an efficient and timely manner, working with their clients to determine individually tailored tax strategies.

The Problem

During the early years of the company’s growth, the management team took the decision to build their IT infrastructure on a ‘cloud’ service platform from an established global provider. However, over time it became clear that their specific needs were not going to be met by the provider’s software development plans. TTS therefore began to search for alternatives early in 2011.

The Solution

After looking at proposals from a selected group of local companies, TTS opted for a Windows Small Business Server with Microsoft Office 2010 from Oxfordshire Computer Service. Crucially, the Microsoft Small Business Server provided TTS with the capability to work just as effectively from the office, from home or from a client location. Its built-in intranet provided TTS with a highly effective solution to their need to share large volumes of customer documentation in a secure and auditable environment.

The Small Business Server was delivered and installed over a long weekend by the Oxfordshire Computer Service team, who were also able to provide advice and guidance on the migration of gigabytes of data from ‘the cloud’ to the server. OCS also assisted in the provision of on-site training on Microsoft Office 2010 which even the TTS team, who are all experienced users of Microsoft Office found very valuable.

The Feedback

“We saw the selection of our new IT infrastructure provider as one of the most critical decisions we had to make, so we researched the market and took advice from contacts we had in the IT industry. The installation had a good feel to it from day one when Outlook Web Access email came online and we are already seeing the benefits in terms of staff productivity. We have also been pleased with OCS’s ability to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for both our IT and our software training needs.” Greg Trotman – Managing Director, Trotman Taxation Services.

“The Microsoft Small Business Server is an excellent fit for the IT needs of Trotman Taxation Services. As a growing organisation, they wanted to be able to focus 100% on delivering excellent service to their clients, and needed an IT infrastructure that would grow with them, doing its job, running applications and securing data quietly and unobtrusively 24 hours a day. I only wish more clients had Trotman Taxation Services’ approach to training, which they rightly see as central to their team’s productivity and competitive edge” Howard Aiken, Director, Oxfordshire Computer Service.